You can rent Horasan Turizm’s VIP vehicles on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. We pay the utmost attention to the cleanliness of our vehicles and periodically clean them in accordance with the hygiene rules. We provide you with uninterrupted travel assurance by performing the mechanical maintenance of all our vehicles on time.

You can travel freely by renting our VIP vehicles without a driver. We are at your service with 30 years of tourism experience…

8+1 VIP Automatic Diesel Vehicles

Sedan Automatic Diesel Vehicles

Our vehicles are at our company headquarters in Başakşehir and are delivered after the necessary documents are signed..

However, in special cases, address delivery is also possible..

A minimum age of 25 and a 3-year driver’s license is required, and anyone with a B Class or higher driver’s license can rent. Only renters can use the vehicles…

B Class or higher driver’s license, ID, passport for foreign nationals, proof of residence and an invoice showing the address information registered in your name.

Before our vehicles are delivered, internal and external cleaning is done and fuel is given in full. They should also left clean and full of fuel at the time of delivery. Vehicles cannot be used by anyone other than the renter.

Driving under the influence of alcohol, driving by someone other than the person named in the rental agreement, parked crash and tire burst are not covered by the insurance.

There is a mileage limit on rentals. The tariff is as below;

Daily: 200KM

Weekly: 1.000KM

Monthly: 3.500KM

Annual: 20.000KM

When the kilometer limit is exceeded, each 1KM is charged as 2

Horasan Turizm Rent a Car is a member of KABIS (Member of Rental Vehicle Notification System), and it is immediately intervened in illegal uses by following the security via satellite.